Life & Naansense

Sip the warmth from your mug, grab a cushion, and turn down the music - there is much to be said. Bring me a chocolate and I’ll guarantee you more naansense. And in case it doesn't fit in with your prejudices, i give you Robert Frost:
"Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense."

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls."
And travel we must.

There’s absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing which compares to the thrill and peace of travel. Especially the joy of watching the world roll by, from a train window.
And on that note ends my #100HappyDays . May you all travel much and travel good. :)
From my secret vantage spot, I watched; how the light crept through the darkness, to reach the world, which, in turn, crept through that light, into the darkness.

This view was far more mystical and bewitching when seen through the eyes. I was brimming with wonder & joy after I left.

#100HappyDays :D
Sitting between the lines.
Give us such skies every day, and no day shall ever be found wanting of at least a few moments of overwhelming joy, and peace.
Sitting inside the vintage eeriness of the PGI auditorium, we wait as the faint semblance of the (Bulgarian) movie flickered to light on the screen ahead.
Felt like I’ve gone back around 15-18 years in time. :)
Back at Alliance after ever so long. They have added colours to this wall; befits the spirit here. I remember it only as a white skyline on a dull, grey concrete wall. Tells me that it’s been a while since I revisited the place.
And for a worthy reason too - to watch the first movie of the 19th European Film Festival. Yippee! :D

Kids can find happiness everywhere; even in a dustbin.

What would the world do without these incorrigible discoverers of happiness. :)

This. Steven Wilson. And I’m flying off the frequency of reality.

And every time I meet these friends of mine, they ask me only one thing - Who do you hurry?
“Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished.” :)
Glimpses from the Glimpses into an artist’s life.

Found myself seated at an Art & Cinema Festival. An Art film of an Artist’s life, made my an Artist filmmaker. Based entirely on visuals and sounds, somewhere through this 70mins long wordless film, I was transported to another realm. Such deep beauty, what an experience.
My walk through Landour bazaar (Mussorie) had revealed 2-3 treasures. This was one of em - Chaaya Cafe.
Feel factor - full! :D
With a Van Gogh-ish spectacle like that, you can’t help but feel gratitude flooding your being. So much beauty.

Day 68 :) #100HappyDays
An unhurried walk under the glorious clear March skies. Silence so deep, yet light, that you can’t help but give into the hereness of the moment.

Day 64, you beauty. #100HappyDays
Such was the silence there, that I could hear the parrot pecking away at the fruits of this tree.
Day 59 brought me Silence - my strongest fuel.